2014: No. 39
The Education Election: Community Organizing to Envision and Advance a Progressive Education Agenda

How did community organizations and residents create an equity-driven education agenda and transform the public debate in the  2013 New York City mayoral campaign? The authors in this issue of VUE share the stories of the community organizations that made that happen.

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Equity-Driven Public Education: A Historic Opportunity

An array of community organizations forged a citywide coalition in New York City to create an equity-driven education vision and impact the 2013 mayoral campaign and election. video.gif

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Changing Course on School Reform: Strategic Organizing around the New York City Mayoral Election

Community organizers and advocates in New York City developed a two-pronged strategy for change in the 2013 mayoral campaign and election after twelve years of market-driven reforms.

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Vehicle of Change: The PS 2013 Campaign

An innovative community engagement process in New York City led to an education platform that reflected both the priorities of the community and research on best practices. video.gif

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Developing Education Policy: A Cross-Stakeholder Effort

New York City policy experts reflect on how they co-created policy recommendations that incorporated community expertise. 

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The #EduElection: Owning the Debate through Communications and Social Media

Youth, parents, and teachers in New York City used traditional and new media to broadcast loudly against education policies that were not working – and to demand change.

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The Significance for Education Reform of the New York City Mayoral Election

The mayoral election in New York City represented a rejection of market-driven philosophies, but advocates must move beyond a critique of failed reforms to implement a new agenda.

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Building on Years of Parent and Student Activism to Place a New Education Agenda at the Center of a Mayoral Election

The successful campaign to position education as a pivotal issue in the 2013 mayoral campaign built on years of community and youth organizing in New York City.

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Becoming the Face of the Community for Public Education Reform in New York City

When parents acquire the tools and training to engage meaningfully in decision making, they become champions of educational justice and have the power to transform education. video.gif

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