Using Data for Equity and Excellence


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Data-informed decision making has played an increasingly important role in district improvement strategies. But “lagging indicators” like test scores are not enough; “leading indicators” are needed to identify struggling students in time to put supports and interventions in place.

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Amy Fain and Diane Eason

Within the context of Oklahoma’s universal pre-K system, Community Action Project of Tulsa County (CAP Tulsa) collaborates with schools to facilitate pre-K students’ successful transitions to the early elementary grades.

includes video
Aurelio M. Montemayor and Nancy Chavkin

Comunitario projects in Texas’s Rio Grande Valley offer a community-based alternative to the traditional PTA model, fostering the participation and collective leadership of youth.

Kenneth Wong

“Charter schools and traditional public schools should not be avoiding one another, but instead I think we need to convene as soon as we can to explore common ground. We are all serving similar students, similar needs, and we are facing similar challenges.”