English Language Learners


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Rather than view educating English language learners as a problem, an asset-based view embraces and values ELLs as bicultural, bilingual leaders of the future.

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Amy Cournoyer Gooden and Kelly Chase

Boston University and the Malden, Massachusetts, school district worked with the community to support English learners and develop a curriculum around five “habits of mind.”

Jessica Rivera, Esperanza Donovan-Pendzic, and Mary Jo Marion

A collaboration in Worcester, Massachusetts, between the district, higher education institutions, and community organizations, including a Spanish-language television program, provided culturally responsive out-of-school enrichment programs for English learners.

Angela Valenzuela, Emilio Zamora, and Brenda Rubio

An out-of-school program for fourth-grade English learners in Austin, Texas – jointly developed by the school district, the City of Austin and a local community group – has co-constructed a curriculum that incorporates the Aztec dance or ceremony Danza Mexica as a core component.

Frishtah Wassl, Christine Wilkin, and Maggie Ward

An international school in Maryland shares their process for developing performance assessments for English language learners.