Partnerships for Collective Impact


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Educational improvement at scale requires broad-based alliances made up of parents, teachers unions, civil rights organizations, municipal and state agencies, youth leaders, community-based organizations, research institutes, funders, and higher education. These cross-sector partnerships must be built around equity and a common vision of transforming opportunity and outcomes for all students.

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Michelle Renée

In urban communities across the nation, a broad range of partners have committed to reinventing educational time together to ensure equitable access to rich learning opportunities for all young people.

Henry M. Perez and Perla Madera

A ten-year effort led by youth, community organizers, and a range of partners resulted in two new, successful high schools and showed the power of grassroots mobilization for social justice.

Janet Lopez and Peter Rivera

More and better learning time funders in Denver and Los Angeles find that strategic investments can leverage community-wide change and lead to more equitable outcomes for young people.

Phil Weinberg, Kim Sweet, Doug Israel, and Liz Sullivan-Yuknis

New York City policy experts reflect on how they co-created policy recommendations that incorporated community expertise.

Julian Vinocur

Youth, parents, and teachers in New York City used traditional and new media to broadcast loudly against education policies that were not working – and to demand change.

Pedro Noguera

The mayoral election in New York City represented a rejection of market-driven philosophies, but advocates must move beyond a critique of failed reforms to implement a new agenda.

María C. Fernández and Ocynthia Williams

The successful campaign to position education as a pivotal issue in the 2013 mayoral campaign built on years of community and youth organizing in New York City.

Zakiyah Shaakir-Ansari

When parents acquire the tools and training to engage meaningfully in decision making, they become champions of educational justice and have the power to transform education.

includes video
Saleem Ghubril

A community organization has mobilized resources to make a promise to every public school student in Pittsburgh: if you do well in school, we’ll help with the financial burden of attending college.

Sonya Douglass Horsford and Carrie Sampson

The growing numbers of English language learners across the country provide an opportunity for state policymakers and education leaders to invest in and reap the benefits of a well-educated, culturally competent workforce.